Froddo BF ballet flats Dark Blue


Leather ballet flats from Froddo Barefoot

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Category Sandals

Froddo Barefoot without any compromises!

The sole is flexible in every direction and is up to 5mm thick.

Suitable for dominant big toes.

This model is ideal for normally wide feet with normal or a bit lower instep.

The shoes have removable leather insole without arch support.

Zero Drop, ie. no height difference between the toes and the heel.


Like all the shoes from Froddo, these are also "chrome free" as only certified plant-based materials are used in their production. The leather used in them is from a renowned german supplier - Ecopell. Ecopell is one of the most enviromentally friendly and comfortable leathers on the market.
Made in Croatia

Size chart:

27 - 17,5cm x 7,0cm

28 - 18,0cm x 7,0cm

29 - 19,0cm x 7,2cm

30 - 19,8cm x 7,4cm

31 - 20,5cm x 7,5cm

32 - 21,0cm x 7,8cm

33 - 22,0cm x 8,0cm

34 - 22,5cm x 8,2cm

35 - 23,0cm x 8,4cm

*Stated measurements are just orientaitonal

Insulation Without insulation
Season Spring/Autumn, Summer
Type Barefoot
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