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FX Trainer 4 black/red


Sole Runner FX Trainer 4. German Engineering. The functional lacing system is made of elastic rubber bands and an additional rubber band across the instep lends the shoe additional support. Suitable for vegans Cut: Extra Wide

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Product code 2675/39
Category Adults

This Sole Runner FX Trainer is the 4th Generation of the very successful FX Trainer series. The FX Trainer 4 combines function and natural feel. FX Trainer 4 is made of very breathable mesh material and captivates with its well-engineered features.

The shoe sits snugly on the foot with its elasticated closure and the elastic band across the instep.

It doesn't support, it enables you safely walk barefoot as if you were walking on the soles of your feet.


Size chart:

37 - 24,5cm x 11,0cm (insole 24,4cm x 9,5cm) 

38 - 25,0cm x 11,0cm (insole 25,0cm x 9,7cm)

39 - 25,5cm x 11,5cm (insole 20,5cm x 10,0cm)

40 - 

41 - 27,0cm x 12,0cm  (insole 26,8cm x 10,3cm)

42 - 27,5cm x 12,0cm (insole 27,3cm x 10,3cm)

43 - 28,0cm x 12,0cm (insole 28,0cm x 10,3cm)

44 - 28,5cm x 12,0cm (insole 28,5cm x 10,3cm)

45 - 29,5cm x 12,0cm (insole 29,2cm x 10,4cm)

46 - 30,0cm x 12,0cm (insole 29,6cm x 10,6cm) 


Insulation Without insulation
Season Spring/Autumn, Summer
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