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Metis Black Leather


Sole Runner Metis, the fine leather shoe of the Sole Runner Barefoot Shoe Casual Line. Water-repellent, extremely soft leather that is not treated with covering dyes.

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The Sole Runner Metis is a super soft leather barefoot casual shoe. It comes in a total new design version. The super soft leather upper has been worked naturally to achieve its softness.
The leather of the 'somewhat classier' Sole Runner shoe is water-repellent and breathable.
The leather, whose grain pattern is emphasized through a natural finishing process called milling, has not been treated with covering dyes. Water-based dyes have been used instead.
This means that the dye penetrates deep into the leather, yet the leather's natural texture is preserved and visible.

Upper: Leather, water-repellent                                                     
Closure: Functional closure: single-pull lacing system
Shape: wide at front. The toes have lots of room to move around.                                              
Sizes: 36 - 48
Weight:190G, Size 40
Outer sole: 2,5 mm rubber, non-marking. Allows as direct a contact to the ground as possible. Almost like walking just on the soles of your own feet.
Please note the size chart.
The 'transparent film' which may be slightly visible on the sole is silicone and not adhesive residue.
IMPORTANT: Even though this is a shoe, you should tread with the midfoot, like when you're walking barefoot.

38 - 24,7cm x 10,5 cm (stielka 24,5cm x 9,5cm)

39 - 

40 - 26,0cm x 10,5cm (stielka 25,8cm x 9,5cm)

41 - 26,5cm x 11,0cm (stielka 26,3cm x 9,5cm)

42 - 27,0cm x 11,0cm (stielka 27,0cm x 9,7cm)

43 - 28,0cm x 11,5cm (stielka 28,0cm x 9,8cm)

44 - 28,5cm x 11,5cm (stielka 28,5cm x 10,0cm)

45 - 29,3cm x 11,5cm (stielka 29,2cm x 10,0cm)

46 - 30,0cm x 11,5cm (stielka 29,7cm x 10,0cm)