greenSTYLE C2011C200 Sea Blue

A simple and practical sneakers from bLifestyle. 

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Category: Adults
greenSTYLE C2011C200 Sea Blue
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This sneakers are your must-have piece for the summer! Thanks to greenSTYLE you no longer have to choose between fashionable and comfortable shoes, because they have both in one! Apart from the barefoot sole made of rubber, these espadrilles are made exclusively from GOTS-certified organic cotton and cotton from controlled organic cultivation.

Size chart: 

37 - 25,0cm x 9,5cm

38 - 25,5cm x 9,8cm

39 - 26,0cm x 10,1cm

40 - 27,0cm x 10,3cm

41 - 27,5cm x 10,3cm

42 - 28,0cm x 10,5cm

43 - 29,0cm x 10,6cm

44 - 29,5cm x 10,6cm

45 - 30,0cm x 10,8cm

46 - 31,0cm x 10,8cm

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