Crocodile WV2033C200 Sea Blue Wide


A simple and practical kids trainer...

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Category Kids

Sneakers are made exclusively from certified materials. The inside of the shoe is made of GOTS certified organic cotton, the upper material made of microfibres makes the shoe particularly light!

A double velcro closure makes these trainers easy to get on and off and gives a great fit for lots of different feet.

Good for normal and lower instep, narrow ankle and heel.


Size chart:

21 - 14,0cm x 6,4cm

22 - 15,0cm x 6,4cm

23 - 15,5cm x 6,6cm

24 - 16,0cm x 6,8cm

25 - 17,0cm x 6,8cm

26 - 17,5cm x 7,0cm

27 - 18,0cm x 7,2cm

28 - 18,5cm x 7,4cm

29 - 19,5cm x 7,4cm

30 - 20,0cm x 7,6cm

31 - 20,5cm x 7,6cm

32 - 21,5cm x 7,8cm

33 - 22,0cm x 8,0cm

34 - 23,0cm x 8,2cm

35 - 23,5cm x 8,4cm

36 - 24,0cm x 8,6cm