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Welcome to our barefoot family

  • G3130148 Code: 3536/31
    Froddo BF sneakers Dark Blue

    Leather sneakers from Froddo Barefoot

    €50,75 excl. VAT
  • BEGREEN, BIO-TEXTIL GOTS Rose New Code: 4646/37

    Extremely lightweight and flexible. 

    €91,63 excl. VAT
  • Be Lenka Icon - Cognac Code: 4127/39
    Be Lenka Icon - Cognac

    Elegance is nothing but a perfect combination of comfort and style, which is exactly what Lenka All year barefoot shoes are. To go with the extreme comfort that you would associate with a barefoot shoe, Lenka barefoot shoes come in a variety of colours patterns and are designed for the fashion-conscious, resulting in gorgeous looking shoes that you will love to wear all day long. A special barefoot sole with a thickness of 4 mm guarantees you the highest walking comfort.

    €99,17 excl. VAT
  • Froddo Barefoot sneakers Lilac canvas New Code: 4824/24
    Froddo Barefoot sneakers Lilac canvas

    Canvas sneakers from Froddo Barefoot.

    from €24,08 excl. VAT
    from €28,90
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