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FX Trainer 6 Black Leather Unisex


Leather sneakers for wider feet.  

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Category Sole Runner

FX trainer leather sneakers are a novelty for the 2022 season. 

The FX Trainer 6, a classic of the Sole Runner collection, has been in the program since 2011 and is now available in its 6th generation.

The upper is made of fine leather.

Thanks to the elastic fastening - the rubber band over the instep, the shoe sits securely on the foot. It adapts beautifully to a normally high but also to a high instep. 

Upper material: leather, hydrophobic (water repellent)
Lining: synthetic fiber
Insert: removable
Closure: Functional closure: elastic and Velcro
Shape: Extra wide for strong feet. Wide cut in the front. The fingers have optimal freedom of movement

Size chart:

37 - 24.5cm x 11.0cm (bed 24.4cm x 9.5cm) 

38 - 25.0cm x 11.0cm (bed 25.0cm x 9.7cm)

39 - 25.5cm x 11.5cm (bed 25.5cm x 10.0cm)

40 - 26.0cm x 11.5cm (bed 26.0cm x 10.0cm)

41 - 27.0cm x 12.0cm  (bed 26.8cm x 10.3cm)

42 - 27.5cm x 12.0cm (bed 27.3cm x 10.3cm)

43 - 28.0cm x 12.0cm (bed 28.0cm x 10.3cm)

44 - 28.5cm x 12.0cm (bed 28.5cm x 10.3cm)

45 - 29.5cm x 12.0cm (bed 29.2cm x 10.4cm)

46 - 30.0cm x 12.0cm (bed 29.6cm x 10.6cm)

*The Listed measurements are orientational.

Season Spring/Autumn
Zateplenie Without insulation