Bosky Superlight Red Brick

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Color version of the universal sandal.

The sole has a red brick color, a remarkable shade from the Italian Vibram company, distinctive, but still looks very natural.

Accompanied by sober black straps.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Superlight sandals are great especially for their versatility.

With its thickness it will not discourage even hardcore barefoot enthusiasts.

Thanks to the ability to dampen part of the shocks, we can recommend then also for barefoot beginner. For experienced barefoot wearers it is a possible relief yet without a significant loss of sensitivity to the terrain and barefoot benefits. And their weight on the feet is negligible. This makes it great for traveling, such as slippers, etc.

The only tax on lightness and a thinner sole may be a slightly lower endurance of this type of sandal. If you are rather normal or lighter body constitution, Superlight will be great for you!

Size Chart:

35 - 23,3 CM 

36 - 24,0 CM

37 - 24,7 CM

38 - 25,4 CM

39 - 26,1 CM

40 - 26,8 CM 

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46 - 31,1 CM 

47 - 31,9 CM 

48 - 32,7 CM 

49 - 33,5 CM

Additional parameters

Category: Bosky Shoes
Season: Summer
Insulation: Without insulation
Upper: Other
Lining: Other