Feelmax Lokka 3 Black

Extra flexible and lightweight...

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Category: Kids

The healthiest shoe for growing feet, made in Finland. Improved design based on Lokka 2, with more flexible upper design. This shoe is developed to let the child´s foot grow without restrictions. Very flexible, light, and wide at toebox. NatuRun™ triple-density outsole which is very thin, but made with durable special recycled and vulcanized (no glue is used) Ecorubber ™ compound. This outsole is melted to the upper resulting extremely flexible and strong bond. With this shoe the kids´s foot muscles and tendons will be stronger, foot arch will develop without any artificial (=bad) supports and the shape of the foot will be natural. Easy to put on/off and adjust due to the double velcro closure.

Sizes EUR 24-34

  • Color: Red/Grey/Black.
  • Material Microfiber and mesh . 100% Vegan.
  • Weight (size EUR28) 76 g.

Size chart: 

24 - 15,5cm x 7,0cm

25 - 16,2cm x 7,0cm

26 - 16,8cm x 7,2cm

27 - 17,4cm x 7,2cm

28 - 18,0cm x 7,4cm

29 - 18,5cm x 7,6cm

30 - 19,0cm x 7,8cm

31 - 20,0cm x 8,0cm

32 - 20,6cm x 8,2cm

33 - 21,0cm x 8,6cm

34 - 21,7cm x 9,0cm

*Stated widths were not measured while the upper was flexed so the shoe can easily withstand a few more mm in width.

*Stated measurements are just for guidance

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