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Froddo Barefoot Chelsea boots G3160168-Blue


Leather year-round barefoot footwear. 

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Leather all-year-round shoes Froddo

This model is suitable for normally wide feet with a normally high and lower instep.

The shoes have a removable leather insole, without arch support

Zero Drop (zero slope between toe and heel).

New type of sole with "grip". 

Available in sizes 23 - 40

Like all shoes Frodda, these are also "chrome-free", they use plant-based certified materials.

Made in Croatia.

Size chart: 

37 - 24.3cm x 9.2cm

38 - 25.0cm x 9.4cm

39 - 25.5cm x 9.4cm

40 - 26.0cm x 9.7cm

41 - 26.5cm x 9.7cm

42 - 27.0cm x 9.9cm

*The indicated measures are indicative. 

**Note: Textile and leather Froddo models have different internal lengths. Please check the appropriate size according to the tables for individual models. 

***Measuring this model was quite difficult for us :) This model, as one of the few barefoot models, has less usable space for the foot than the length of the insole.   So for customers who are guided by the dimensions of the insoles, we also add these dimensions, however, when choosing a suitable size, we recommend following the above measurements - the realistically usable space in the shoe. Do not forget to add the desired extra size to the length of the foot (we recommend 1.0cm - 1.2cm). Example: foot length 16.5 cm, recommended shoe size no. 27). 

NOTE: The leather is dyed with natural wood and plant dyes. It does not contain any harmful chemicals. For cleaning, use the explicitly Ecopell or Collonil Organic products.

Type Barefoot