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Janus 2 grey


Sole Runner Janus the brand new elegant and at the same moment casual leather barefoot shoe. The upper ist water resistant and not treated with covering colour. Cut: Wide

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Category Adults

The Sole Runner Janus is the newt leather barefoot casual shoe which is casual and elegant at a time. It comes in a total new design version. 

The soft leather upper has been worked naturally to achieve its softness. The upper ist not treated with covering colour.

The leather of the 'somewhat classier' Sole Runner shoe is water-repellent and breathable. Water-based dyes have been used instead. This means that the dye penetrates deep into the leather, yet the leather's natural texture is preserved and visible.

Size chart:

42 - 27,5cm x 11,0cm (insole 27,1cm x 9,5cm)

43 - 28,0cm x 11,5cm (insole 28,0cm x 9,8cm)

44 - 28,5cm x 11,5cm (insole 28,5cm x 9,8cm) 

45 - 29,5cm x 11,5cm (insole 29,2cm x 10,0cm)

46 - 30,0cm x 12,0cm (insole 29,8cm x 10,0cm)


Season Spring/Autumn
Insulation Without insulation