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Raccoon WBN12103L610 Rosa WIDE


Year-round barefoot footwear for big and small adventurers. 

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All-year Raccoon boots from the German brand bLifestyle are made of unique organic nappa leather. They have a 4mm thin sole that is flexible longitudinally and transversely. They are therefore suitable for beginners as well as experienced walkers. 

Suitable for slightly wider feet with a normally high instep.  

Upper: Organic nappa leather

Collar: velour leather

Lining: Lining: soft organic leather

Insole: soft organic leather

Sole: 100% synthetic rubber

Please note:
Organic leather may have certain characteristics such as insect bites, scratches or slight colour differences, but these characteristics belong to the unique and natural character. Every single shoe is a handmade unique piece...

For optimal product properties, we recommend impregnating the shoes before use.

Size chart:

20 - 13,5cm x 6,4cm

21 - 14,5cm x 6,6cm

22 - 15,0cm x 6,8cm

23 - 15,5cm x 7,0cm

24 - 16,0cm x 7,2cm

25 - 16,5cm x 7,4cm

26 - 17,5cm x 7,6cm

27 - 18,0cm x 7,8cm

28 - 18,5cm x 7,8cm

29 - 19,5cm x 8,0cm

30 - 20,0cm x 8,0cm

**The listed measurements are orientational

Season Spring/Autumn
Insulation Without insulation