Tarvos Black/White Unisex Mesh

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Unisex leisure shoes with upper made of soft mesh. 

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The new Tarvos model with a 6 mm sole and a highly breathable mesh upper impresses with its sophisticated functions.

There is a cutout in the back so that the sneakers do not press on the calf even when the leg is bent, for example when driving a car.

Suitable for vegans

Upper - quick-drying, hydrophobic (water-repellent), breathable mesh 

Sole - 6mm, NONmarking

Size chart: 

38 - 25.0cm x 11.0cm (bed 25.0cm)

39 - 25.5cm x 11.5cm (bed 25.5cm)

40 - 26.0cm x 11.5cm (bed 26.0cm)

41 - 27.0cm x 12.0cm  (bed 26.8cm)

42 - 27.5cm x 12.0cm (bed 27.3cm)

43 - 28.0cm x 12.3cm (bed 28.0cm)

44 - 28.5cm x 12.3cm (bed 28.5cm)

45 - 29.5cm x 12.3cm (bed 29.2cm)

46 - 30.0cm x 12.5cm (bed 29.6cm) 

47 - 30.5cm x 12.5cm (bed 30.5cm)

48 - 31.0cm x 12.8cm (bed 31cm)

Additional parameters

Category: Sole Runner
Season: Spring/Autumn
Insulation: Without insulation
Upper: Textile
Lining: Textile